Thursday, September 20, 2012

All That Glitters

The 1920's/30's/40's/50's/60's have always been a huge inspiration for me, and while I usually have an anxiety attack when period dress is not 100% historically accurate, I still love to borrow from eras passed. I know I have spent at least one life as a bright-eyed, bobbed-hair, flapper girl (wait, isn't that my current life?)

For tonights look I wore a piece designed by my dear friend Leah, or as she's known now "Bartlett Rand". She is a talented young designer in New York City, the day I met her she was wearing a makeshift dress from a scarf she had cleverly pinned together because she spilled something on her dress earlier in the evening. I immediately shared my french fries with her and she quickly became one of my best friends. 

I paired the gown with loads of vintage wear from my personal collection. One pair of golden heels, one feather headband, and one rabbit fur coat. I'm actually a strict vegan when it comes to my diet, and a big time animal lover. I don't like to buy new fur or leather but when I'm given a vintage piece I will usually keep it. 


Handmade Gown - Leah Wichler
Golden shoes - Dancin'
Rabbit fur coat - Vintage (unknown brand)
Feather headband - Jonquil Original

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