Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MGM's Cristophe Salon Shoot at the Terrace Suites

Last month I was honored to be a part of a special shoot with amazing photographer Brandon Lundby, phenomenal makeup artist Spencer Lopez, talented hair stylist Juan Mejia, and delightfully charming model Eden Walton. Spencer  and Juan work for Cristophe Salon at the MGM and asked us to take part in a photo shoot for the salon and MGM's Terrace Suites. 

Video filmed and edited by Randal Ruiz

After our hair and makeup were done at Cristophe by Spencer and Juan we headed upstairs to the Terrace Suite. We were greeted by a large artistic triptic of a butt with black silk panties and fishnets, the room was beautifully modern and immaculately clean. Honestly we were scared to use the bathroom, but I was indeed the first to mess up that perfect little triangle fold. The sun was glowing and illuminated the Las Vegas skyline as we sat on the balcony and sipped our venti iced lattes. We were in the lap of modern luxury and ready to make the best of it with long day worth of shooting. 

The style theme was classic chic with a touch of retro. For the first look I busted out a bright orange mini babydoll style dress. Some may claim that orange hair and orange dresses should never cross paths, but I think otherwise. You can never have enough orange on orange, especially in the summer. In fact, I sometimes even mix coral lip stick with my orange hair and orange dresses. Insanity often equates to genius in my opinion. I paired the orange dress with a pair of buckle, wide heel, shoes. Although the dress was handed down in a clothing trade, both items stem from H&M. Brandon shot this in front of a circle patterned curtain to match the 60s feel of the look, as well as on the patio with the glowing city skyline as my backdrop.

The second look was to be photographed in the loft bedroom in front of a floor to ceiling crystal chandelier. The look called for stately elegance, with a touch of modernity. I was wearing a black bra underneath a sheer nude topped knee length dress from Zara. The black pumps, also from Zara, paired nicely as they matched the black pencil skirt bottom of the dress.
All in all the Terrace Suite shoot was a wonderful experience that I was happy to be a part of. If you are at all curious about the photography, makeup, and hair techniques please don't hesitate to contact these lovely people:

Thank you to Cristophe Salon, Brandon, Spencer, Juan, Eden & Randal.