Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Midnight Espionage

Let me tell you a beautiful story about love at first sight... 

I was living in Los Angeles at the time, doing what most struggling artists do to get by, re-selling vintage clothing that I thrifted in East LA. My good friend and business partner Summer Harrison and I were very easily distracted by beautiful things. Our friend and designer Maya Yogev was having a sample sale and we refused to not take part. I browsed through a colourful selection of well tailored items when I stumbled upon a little lavender beauty hidden by itself. I didn't have much to spend and was mostly assuming I would just be shopping with my eyes, however this little baby was a mere $50. $50 at the time was my weekly food budget, but I was willing to starve to be able to drape this thing around my body and call it forever mine! I tried it on, sent a photo to my mother and begged her for spare change so that I could purchase this jacket as an early birthday gift for myself. 

Since my mom is awesome and understand my needs, she offered to buy it for me. Alas, I could eat again.. and wear this jacket whenever I pleased. 

Tonight I leave you with a visual tribute to said coat, and I hope that you check out Maya's other amazing pieces. 

GRAI by Maya Yogev  

Let me not forget to mention the dark purple lace front hat. I am a collector of many things, one of these things is vintage hats. I absolutely love lace front and find any excuse I can to wear these hats. Heck, who needs an excuse?? Hats ALL of the time!

Thank you to my friend Spencer Lopez for the amazing makeup!

Lavender Jacket: Grai by Maya Yogev

Purple lace front hat: Vintage
Black turtle neck dress: Wet Seal 
Black pump: Zara
MAKEUP: Spencer  Lopez


  1. Swell! Mysterious! I love your veil! I love this lipstick!)
    Sorry for my bad english!)))

    I follow your blog) follow my too)